Architecture is an art and a science. When combined with an understanding of the needs of those who live, work, and play, wonderful spaces are created. Our goal is to create environments that combine great aesthetics with real functionality. Whether your project is large or small, we provide beautiful and workable solutions.



Engineers are problem solvers. No two projects are alike and experience matters. Inevitably, clients need solutions to complex and multi-disciplinary problems. Our professionals are registered civil, electrical, mechanical, process, and structural engineers.



Master and community planning are core services. Our projects include macro land usages, such as airport master plans and large-scale urban and environmental plans. We also work on micro-community plans for neighborhoods. Whatever the project, the goal is the same – assist stakeholders in creating a blueprint for optimum usage of physical and human resources.



We have assembled a unique and experienced group of professionals with expertise in multi-disciplinary roles from design management, construction management, scheduling, estimating, capital budgets, and risk management to diversity DBE, MBE, and WBE programs. Our clients are increasingly dealing with complicated interdisciplinary projects. It is cost prohibitive to staff the kind of expertise that is often unique to a particular program. We provide a service that is cost effective and efficient to maintain quality, on-time, on budget outcomes.



Our talented graphic designers and architects create way-finding, signage and identity programs for facilities and places.