Water Treatment

We have over sixty years of experience in water and wastewater treatment. Many of these projects include wastewater treatment plants, wastewater collection  & pump stations, sewer system survey and system evaluation, and operations & maintenance manuals and training.


Detroit, Michigan – Water Main Design/Utility Relocations U.S. 10 (Lodge Freeway)

MMI provided engineering design services for utility relocation under Cobo Hall, for the City of Detroit. This expansion required the Lodge Freeway, which passes under Cobo Hall, to be lowered and existing utilities to be relocated.

Two types of material were specified for the water main relocation The 16-inch water main material was ductile iron, Class 56, encased in polyethylene, whereas, the 30=inch water main was constructed of pre-stressed concrete embedded cylinder pip with rubber and steel joints.  Approximately 1,633 feet of the 16-inch water main was installed in two phases. Of the 1,633 feet, approximately 225 feet of the 16-inch water main was placed in a casing pipe, which was “bored and jacked” with the remaining water main stalled by “open cut”. The pre-stressed concrete pipe totaled approximately 374 feet with 330 feet placed by “open cut” and 44 feet constructed by the “bore and jack” method. Both sizes required gate valves, tees, bends, closers and reducers; and thrust restraints were provided by encasing the respective items. Design of all of the water mains was coordinated with all utility companies, the City of Detroit, and the client, Michigan Department of Transportation. Construction costs totaled $7M.

Southgate, Michigan – Goddard Road 72” Transmission Main

MMI provided consulting engineering services for the design of a 72-inch water transmission main in Goddard Road from Moran Road to Allen Road in Southgate, Michigan.

The transmission main was approximately 5,700 feet long of pre-stressed concrete embedded cylinder pipe with rubber and steel joints. MMI’s responsibilities included conducting topographic surveys and soil investigations; preparing alternative layout plans and profiles; preparing preliminary plans for a recommended route with hydraulic profile draft, material specification construction costs; and coordination with impacted private and public utilities.

In addition, MMI prepared the contract documents which included the final plans, specifications and cost estimates, and obtained the necessary jurisdictional permits required from the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), Wayne County Public Health Department, Cities of Allen Park and Southgate, Pennsylvania Railroad, and Wetland Permit.

A unique feature of this project was the size of the transmission main required. MMI devised a cost effective underground location, by utilizing tunneling and open cut, to avoid locating the main near the existing sewer system and disturbing existing utilities under the roadway. Several layout plans were considered to accomplish this design. Construction costs totaled $7M.

City of Jackson, Mississippi Water & Sewerage Department – 48” Water Main

MMI was retained as the primary engineering consultant to the City of Jackson to design a 48-inch water transmission system to upgrade the existing water system to meet the needs of the community.

The proposed transmission main was approximately 14,000 linear feet and comprised of both open cut and tunneling. The original route of the water main passed through residential backyards. MMI proposed and designed an alternate route for the main that coincide with planned road improvements, thereby avoiding conflicts with property owners in the community. The 48” diameter pipeline is approximately 12,800 linear feet in length and is constructed along the right-of-way (ROW) of local streets. The design included all necessary surveys on hydraulic analysis of the new pipeline, valves, blow-offs, air-release system with restrained joints and tunneling under railroad tracks, Interstate Highway I-55, U.S. Highway 51 and two waterways. MMI was responsible for total coordination of the project including interfacing with government entities, preparation of design documents, cost control project: scheduling, coordination and construction.

Hartsfield International Airport Water Storage Reservoir & Pump Station (Atlanta, GA)

Water Department Plant Enhancement Program (Cleveland, OH)

Comprehensive Water Audit (Cleveland, OH)

Housing Authority Energy Audit (Milwaukee, WI)

Southeastern Michigan Water Resources Study (Detroit, MI)

Energy Conservation Audit Southwest Water Plant (Allen Park, MI )

Water Plant Energy Conservation Audit (Southgate, MI)


Waste Water Projects

Gary, Indiana – Energy Recovery & Recycle Plant

MMI developed and applied unique techniques required to meet the challenge of recovering energy from sludge and municipal solid waste.

The Sanitary District has undertaken a $75M Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion, which incudes a complete new solids treatment facility. In the preliminary design phase, some of the considerations were:

• High chemical costs which precluded extensive use of chemical for sludge conditioning.

• High power costs, which made the use of extensive pumping unattractive.

• Air pollution requirements

• Land disposal may not prove to be cost effective.

• Co-incineration of sludge and refused derived fuel.

An example of a unique energy recovery and recycling plant was designed for the Gary, Indiana Sanitary District.

Detroit, Michigan – Plant Start-up for Belt Filer Presses Complex (CS 823-7-4)

MMI performed plant start-up processes and procedures for the new belt presses at the Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant. The plant start-up work required a sampling program for the performance evaluation of the equipment. The operating efficiency of all major equipment was verified. Other activities included pre-startup mechanical checkup; coordination of equipment suppliers to ensure operational priorities in the overall construction, initiation of process control variations intended to maximize operating efficiencies for each unit; and the entire complex process train.

Michigan – Value Engineering for Milk River Retention Basin & Harper Woods Pump Station

MMMI provided the Value Engineering (VE) Review of the Milk River Retention Basin and Harper Woods Pump Station Project. The VE Review was conducted at the 30% level of the design of the project, in compliance with EPA guidelines for the process, structural, mechanical, electrical, site, controls, and instrumentation disciplines. The project components that were valued were the 6.9 mg 1st Flush Containment Tank; 11.9 mg 2nd Containment Tank; Aeration Tank; Deodorization Building; Blower Building; Grit Building; Maintenance Garage; Operations Building; and Harper Woods Sanitary Pump Station. MMI’s VE team conducted a 40-hour workshop to review available, as well as additional materials provided. As a result, the team recommended a savings of $1.6M of the total project cost of $21M. An oral presentation and written report were submitted on the findings.

Detroit, Michigan – Sludge Incineration and Conveyance (CS 823-04)

MMI engineered the design phase for upgrading and expanding the Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant’s (WWTP) Solids Processing capabilities. The project provided the necessary Step II design work for implementation of subsequent construction staging, resulting in an improved performance of the existing multiple hearth incinerators. This incinerator improvement design increased performance (capacity, controllability, fuel efficiency, etc.) and air pollution emissions removal to meet the amended consent judgment performance requirements. Related work included design for improvements to the Sludge Conveyor System. Alternatives were formulated and evaluated for residual solids, in an effort to comply with government regulations involving air pollution controls and effluent requirements.

Detroit, Michigan – Final Facilities Plan for Solids Handling and Disposal (CS 823, Project 1-1)

MMI was an engineering consultant for the Final 1050 mgd Facilities Plan, for the Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant Solids Handling and Disposal Alternatives. MMI’s responsibilities included the investigation of existing disposal system, quantifications and characteristics of grit and screening; evaluation of alternatives for solids handling and disposal of grit and screening; investigations of non-incineration air pollution sources, quantifications (including lab analysis) and recommendations; evaluation and proposal of modifications/ additional on-site pretreatment and storage facilities required for alternative conditions including co-disposal; all combustion calculations for dual gas and starved air mode for incineration process alternatives; evaluation of performance of pilot units and sludge dewatering process.

Charlotte, North Carolina – Mecklenburg 201 Facility Plan

MMI was the primary consultant for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Utility Department in preparation of a 201 Facility Plan. Project responsibilities included determining the structural operational alternatives required to eliminate the order problems at the 15 MGD Sugar Creek Plant and the 10 MGD Irwin Creek Plant. The final facility plan included an inventory and date review, calculations of existing flow, a sampling program for plant upgrading, a study program for odor control, a cost effectiveness study of odor control and upgrading alternatives, and recommendations for plant upgrading, order control and operations modifications.

Cleveland, Ohio – Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation and Maintenance Manuals (O&M)

MMI provided engineering services to update the Wyandotte Wastewater Treatment Plant’s Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals. The update integrated system changes (that resulted from design and construction changes during the four design and construction phases of the plant’s Expansion and Improvements Project) into existing operations. MMI consulted with the lead consultant and agreed to reevaluate the current version of the manual to incorporate the as-built condition of systems that were modified during the construction phases of the project.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Sewer System Evaluation Survey

MMI conducted a sewer system evaluation survey as art of the water pollution abatement program. MMI provided 21 field technicians who performed the following tasks:

• Organization and Coordination

• Manhole Inspection

• Groundwater Monitoring

• Flow Monitoring

• Building Inspection

• Smoke Testing

• Die Water Flooding

• Preparatory Cleaning Prior to Internal Inspection

• Internal Inspection of Sewer System

At the completion of the field survey, a summary of the findings included recommendations for the sewer rehabilitation program.

Lawrence County, Ohio – Eastern Lawrence County 201 Facility Plan

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Energy Conservation Study for Southshore Waste Treatment Plant Facility

Detroit, Michigan – Sludge Dewatering System Improvements (CS823, Project 8) 

Portage & Lake Counties, Indiana – 208 Environmental Baseline Study