Boilers, Process Engineering, Operations and Maintenance

Detroit, Michigan – Operations & Maintenance Manuals for Water Treatment Plants & Booster Stations

MMI was the primary consultant engaged to complete the preparation of O&M Manuals for five (5) water treatment plants and 20 booster pumping stations. This was one of the first computer-based O&M Manual projects for water treatment and booster pumping stations under DWSD. This project included collection and verification of all equipment information, preparation O&M manuals and pocket guides, PMAS, PMAPs and SEMPs. Each manual contained details of the following:

  • Description of process equipment components
  • Guidelines for operations
  • Start-up instructions
  • Troubleshooting recommendations
  • Preventative Maintenance Routines
  • Laboratory Sampling
  • Testing procedures for the development of management systems, which ensure that water quality goals are met

Operator Pocket Guides were convenient references to be used during the daily operation of each major system of the water treatment plant, including booster pump stations. They also maximized routine operations and minimized the time required to meet in-plant or booster pumping stations emergencies. Also prepared preventative maintenance sheets and standard equipment maintenance procedures for all major equipment in the water plants and pumping stations. Procured and installed computer hardware and software for each plant to assist in record keeping and O&M Manual update.


Benton County, Arkansas – AEP Flint Creek Power Plant

MMI was contracted to make upgrades to the Flint Creek Power Plant, a base load, coal-fueled power plant located near Gentry in northwest Arkansas. The project scope included a mix of Lo Nox burner upgrades, fan replacement, waterwall replacement, nose arch replacement, superheater & reheater header replacement, superheater and reheater pendant replacement, economizer replacement, content replacement, floor tube replacement, crown seal replacements, ducting replacement, air-preheater basket and seal replacement.The project aggregated 60,000 welds with less than a 1% reject rate.