Our History

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In 1954, two brothers, Julian C. Madison an engineer, and Robert, an architect, opened the offices of what would be a historic architectural and engineering firm. The brothers followed in the footsteps of their father, Robert James Madison, who was one of the first African American engineers in the United States and created the genesis of the firm in 1948.

A third brother, Bernard, also an architect, joined the firm in the 1960s. The brothers grew the firm into one of the most prolific design firms in the country working throughout the United States and internationally in the areas of airports, infrastructure, mass transportation, multifamily housing, office buildings, roads and bridges, water and wastewater.

Julian C. Madison had a vision of a multi-disciplinary, multi-ethnic international firm that provided: excellence in technical services to its clients; opportunities for its employees to demonstrate their skills in an exciting and competitive environment; and a positive role model to young men and women in the community.


In 1984, Julian C. Madison and his daughter, Sharon, a planner, took this vision and philosophy, and applied them beyond architecture and engineering into the relatively new fields of program and construction management. After Julian C. Madison’s death in 1989,  Sharon took on the family legacy and continued to expand the firm’s services. Today, the outstanding professionals at

Today, the outstanding professionals at Madison Madison International continue the vision by expanding these services into construction projects the firm has been privileged to undertake.